Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free Coupon for 2 Months of Audiobooks from Audible

So once again, Audible is offering a free limited time coupon to get any 2 free audiobooks from their e-library. You get 2 coupons (which are redeemable for any book in their library regardless of price), but note that you get 1 coupon each month for 2 months with this. You have to redeem this initial coupon by 11:59pm on June 30, 2014 to get your 2 months. It also requires you to have a US shipping address added to your account, although it doesn't need it or seem to verify the details (you can add multiple addresses to your account). It also looks like you can stack it on previous offers.

Update: If you've preivously applied for the 2 month trial, you can generate a new coupon code, but you won't be able to apply it to your existing account. You could ofcourse create a new audible account and use it on that.
Follow these instructions to redeem:
  1. Visit the Audible voucher page
  2. Click the claim coupon button and the page will be reloaded.
  3. You should see a confirmation message that the offer has been claimed. You'll receive an email that also confirms that the voucher has been added to your account.
  4. Visit your vouchers section to see the coupon and to redeem it to claim your free ebooks!
  5. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Free $5.00 from Amazon towards any Android App or Game

For a limited time (expires July 31, 2014), Amazon is providing $5.00 free to anyone who purchases a digital game or application off the Amazon Android store. A little workaround lets you get this credit for free, without purchasing anything or for purchasing a game that's $0.99. The credit is auto-applied to your account after you purchase and you'll receive a confirmation email telling you about the credit. The caveat is that you have to use the promotional credit by July 31, 2014 - but it can be used on pretty much any android app available on their store (which is prety vast). To get the promotional credit, follow these steps:

  1. Create or login to your Amazon account and order the free demo of King's Bounty: Armored Princess
  2. Go through the entire process and be sure to use a US shipping location (otherwise it'll reject your order).
  3. Once you've completed your order for the free demo (which costs nothing), you'll be asked to download the demo. You don't have to actually download or play it - but hey it's a free game!
  4. You should receive an email with the free $5.00 added to your account automatically!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Free £2 ($3.37 USD) Amazon Android App Store voucher

Free £2 ($3.37 USD) Amazon Android App Store voucher Maybe it's just me, but Amazon is on fire with all these great free vouchers and deals! If you haven't caught any of the previous offers, be quick and get a free $2 British pounds (or $3.37 USD) voucher that can be spent at the Amazon Appstore for any Android app available. There's lots of free apps out there, but there's some great paid apps that I would otherwise never pay for - but can now get free :)

So there's a few caveats - but this offer can be used by anyone (regardless of location). The apps work on any Android device (so it's not just limited to Kindles or Amazon tablets).
  • You have to redeem the voucher by 11:59pm on June 18, 2014
  • Voucher can be used on app and in-app purchases, but cannot be redeemed against in-app subscriptions.
  • It can only be used only on apps, you can't use it towards products.
To get the voucher:
  1. Claim your voucher (you'll get a confirmation receipt)
  2. View the apps available for download and download!
Few of the top paid apps you can get for free:
Angry Birds: Star Wars II, Dummy Defense, Tipping Point, Fruit Ninja, The Chase, Scribblenauts Remix, Plants vs. Zombies, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, Monster's University, Birds of Britain and basically anything 2 pounds or less!  
No purchase is necessary beyond an Amazon account and it may require you to have a credit card linked (it never actually makes a purchase or uses your Credit Card, so I'm not sure if this is a requirement). If for some reason you get a message about location, try the following:
Go to your account settings and click on manage my kindle and then click country settings and switch it to UK by changing your address temporarily to a location in London. Once done the steps above, make your purchase - although it wasn't necessary for most people.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free $10 from Audible for New and Existing Customers

If you weren't quick enough to get in on the $5 Audible was giving out for Easter last week, try out this free $10 (for both new and existing users) that will let you get more great narrated books. As you may know, Audible is a free ebook retailer from Amazon that features narrated audio books that you can listen to on your desktop, tablet or smart phones.

To claim your free $10, simply follow these steps:
  1. Get a free Audible / Amazon account
  2. Access the promotional coupon landing page and click the claim button (Get coupon button)
That's it - simple and if you got in on the easter coupon, you now have $15 dollars for a few clicks! They have to be used by the first week of June 2014!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Free $5.00 from Audible

Audible is an online shop from Amazon that deals exclusively in selling audio narrated versions of books. With this you can get $5.00 free credit to any books of your choice (books range in price based on age and popularity) - you may able to get a few books for this.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play Flappy Bird Online (PC / Android)

By now you've probably heard about the rise and fall of Flappy Bird, a simplistic indie game by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen where you take control of a bird and must avoid the pipe obstacles. The creator, fearing both fears of copyright complaints from major video games and an outpouring of jealousy/anger from the internet at large, has decided to remove the game from Andriod and ITune markets.

But don't worry, you can still play the game online in this cloned version of Flappy Bird.