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Co.CC Shuts Down with Millions of Users Locked out of their Site

Update: If you're looking for a alternative, try Cu.CC.

Co.CC, a South Korean web company offering free and short subdomains to personal bloggers and webmasters, has been having a lot of issues recently. First Google de-indexed the entire domain and nearly 5 million subdomains based on the root domain. Facebook subsequently banned the subdomain due to increased spam/phishing complaints. And most recently, the entire domain appears to have been shutdown with users confused as to the status of their domains and whether the company has gone completely under.

With no official communications from the company and the site completely inaccessible, users have taken to the company's Facebook page to voice their anger and conclusions on what happened.

But what really happened to Co.CC?Looking at the domain provides the best clues as to what happened. A whois search results in the following:
Domain Name :
:: Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact ::
Name :…