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A Better Life Through a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Hamburger DevilDid you know: Every 30 seconds a TV or radio commercial plays for one of the three biggest fast food restaurants!

Based on that, it's no wonder that we live such sedentary lives when we're constantly blasted with messages to eat fried, fatty and sugary foods. The food always looks perfect, and worst of all - the food is shown as healthy and tasty, when it's far from it. Enter the rise and emergence of healthy eating and living with a vegetarian diet.

With the Burger Barons (McDonalds / Burger Kings) spending vast fortunes to keep children, teens and adults consuming fatty foods against their better judgement, the movement to stay fit and improve your overall health has ramped up. Now the major fast food joints are trying to offer up healthier options, although the amount of salt is still at questionable levels. There's a number of veggie restaurants springing up, but with the recession the way it is - it seems cheaper to eat out at a fast food or greasy spoon than to eat healthy. And don't get me started on buying vegetables or healthy options at the supermarket which can often cost double or triple the price of  pre-made and fatty foods.

However, the future isn't as bleak as it would seem. There are a good deal of vegetarian recipe sites that can help you manage the budget while also ensuring healthier food options make it in to your life. Altering your lifestyle isn't as tricky as it might seem and by introducing a mix of frugal grocery shopping and veggie meal options to your lifestyle choices might be all the more helpful to tuning your life to a happier and better one!


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