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Digg adds NewsWire - Shows buried activity

Digg recently replaced their "upcoming" stories section with a newly unveiled "Newswire" section, which works pretty much the same except that it now displays all user activities occurring on stories that haven't made the frontpage. Traditionally, Digg disguised and hid who had buried or reported a story, but the new changes now fully feature the latest activity on which users in particular buried a story.

Whether this is a step in the right direction is yet to be decided, as recent changes and Kevin Rose's departure from the company have made Digg into a more populist social news network that has long abandoned its tech roots. Spam is on the rise, while user comments has dramatically decreased along with article impressions. The viability of Digg as a major social bookmarking and news network has diminished in recent years with a string of changes and updates that have diluted the power and value of the user base.

What are your thoughts?


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