Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clarifying Godaddy Expired Domains Costs

After a bit of investigating, I found the following information pretty interesting and useful to those registering and renewing domains:

Domains are registered for a period of one or more years.

After the registration period has elapsed, the owner can renew the domain for the cost of the domain alone.

However, if you are unable to renew the domain by the expiry date, you have 19 days to renew the domain using a verified credit card (paypal is accepted, but it must be linked to a legitimate credit card).

After 19 days past the expiry of your domain, GoDaddy will charge you an $80 redemption fee, which is basically their way of squeezing every last dollar from a forgetful webmaster. You then have about 5-10 days to redeem it at the cost of the domain + the $80 fee.

After the redemption period is over, your domain will be put up for sale for the highest bidder. At this point, you're pretty much out of luck - as you'll have to compete against the global marketplace and GoDaddy to take back possession of your domain.

That in a nutshell is GoDaddy's policy on domains. Interesting that you have 19 days past the expiry to renew, with no extra fee.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Digg adds NewsWire - Shows buried activity

Digg recently replaced their "upcoming" stories section with a newly unveiled "Newswire" section, which works pretty much the same except that it now displays all user activities occurring on stories that haven't made the frontpage. Traditionally, Digg disguised and hid who had buried or reported a story, but the new changes now fully feature the latest activity on which users in particular buried a story.

Whether this is a step in the right direction is yet to be decided, as recent changes and Kevin Rose's departure from the company have made Digg into a more populist social news network that has long abandoned its tech roots. Spam is on the rise, while user comments has dramatically decreased along with article impressions. The viability of Digg as a major social bookmarking and news network has diminished in recent years with a string of changes and updates that have diluted the power and value of the user base.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Health Effects of Watching TV Online with an LCD Monitor Screen

You know that watching TV Online is now the most recent rage and preferred past time for a lot of adults and young children. With 1000s of excellent channels available for free on the internet, it is clearly hard to resist the enticement of spending hours behind the computer LCD monitor.

But have you ever thought about how continuous exposure to the LCD screen may impact on your skin? Would you like to enjoy hours of your favourite satellite tv channels on your pc and still keep that healthy glowing complexion? In that case, then you should keep reading.

This article will talk about the effects of watching Online TV on our skin and offer a few recommendations on how we can have healthy skin with no need of limiting our most liked past time hobby of watching Internet TV.

I.Ultra violet rays released from the LCD monitor

Problem: Everybody knows that ultra violet rays, that is emitted from the LCD monitor, are definitely not good to our skin. Specifically, UV rays harm our collagen fibers, in that way causing the dermis film to end up being thinner and less supple. Moisture is depleted from our skin resulting in: sagginess, wrinkles, dullness, rough texture and pigments.

Remedy: Wear a sun block to protect your skin layer from the destructive UV rays. Instead, you may wish to put on a face mask whilst enjoying tons of Internet TV. As soon as you are done, simply wash off the mask with the UV rays deposited on it. When it is not appropriate to don a face mask, at minimum, don a sun screen lotion well suited for your skin and refer to the instructions on the packaging. Remember to reapply the sun block frequent enough to help keep it effective. Generally it can be every two or three hours. Then again should you be watching TV Online in the open air on your mobile computer and are sweating abundantly, you should reapply just about every hour.

II.Sleep Routines

Problem: It’s general knowledge that we all need to sleep 7 to 8 hours per day for good skin. Those who find themselves hooked on their Internet TV or Satellite TV on PC, should find this difficult as they are often following up on those exciting movies into extended hours or way into the night. Too little sleep will cause your skin to discolor and adopt a not-so-appealing texture.

Remedy: Refrain from watching TV Online before you sleep to counteract the spill over result. Should you positively must or that is the only spare time for the day it is possible to ever get that Television rest, then be sure to time yourself such that you will still obtain at very least seven hours of sleep each day.

III.Diet regime

Problem: Everybody knows that a lousy eating routine will certainly poorly impact the quality of our skin. Additionally, studies have shown that “students who watched tv a lot more extensively tended to consume ‘healthy’ foods less frequently and ‘unhealthy’ foods more regularly.Conclusion: The results propose, inter alia, that a high level of television watching could be a handy screening indicator of an unhealthy diet.

Cure: Consume a sensible diet plan filled with green and orange vegetables (an excellent source of antioxidants) and also consume no less than eight glasses of water per day. Avoid processed and junk food because they are rich in sodium leading to our skin to get dehydrated. Hence, either decrease the amount of time used as you’re watching Internet TV or discipline yourself to indulge only in a healthy and well balanced diet program.

Take care of your skin and it’ll glow for you. Who suggests you cannot have your cake and eat it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Premium TV On PC

Are you wishing you can watch premium TV on PC? Do you want to enjoy your television shows even if you are not in your homes? If you said yes, then you might find this article interesting and useful for you.


Introducing TV On PC

Are you sick and tired of paying your expensive home cable bills but can rarely use it because you are often outside your homes working or studying perhaps? With the present technology, things have changed.


You can use the internet to find sites you can use to watch premium TV on PC. Just simply visits the website on your computer and in an instant you can change that old computer to a new viewing device called the online television box or computer television.


No Cost Entertainment

With a price tag of FREE, There are thousands of channels you can choose from. Watch TV online using these sites. Avoid the paid software, which are 99.9% guaranteed to break their promises. Your safety as well as security is at risk with these paid software and subscriptions like Satellite Direct, PConTV, Gogglebox and PC Premium TV. Also, these software are simply delivering viruses instead of the product and service they promise.


You don't need a subscription fee to enjoy online television and watch premium TV on PC. Online television has even more to offer because you can catch more or less 3000 television channels with less restriction.


Premium TV On PC

There are some who charges with the “pay per view” option but free services don’t. There are no subscription fees and are without the need to pay extra for any additional channels. Enjoy roughly 3000 television stations for free, it's like having a cable subscription but without paying to have TV on your computer or pc.


No need to install the television software, just visit the site and use at home or in your office computer, in your laptops and other portable devices so you can watch premium TV on PC. Discover how I watch TV on my computer for pennies.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

YouTube Unveils Live Streaming Platform

In a bid to remain competitive within the video hosting industry, YouTube unveiled YouTube Live - a platform for live streaming of concerts, events and programming. The move suggests that YouTube may be venturing into the world of user-generated live streaming that has long been a popular revenue stream for streaming sites such as UStream, Justin TV, Free TV Tube and Mogulus.

Currently, YouTube Live features a small handful of streaming events - some of which are scheduled for the future, with only two live streaming events available at the time of writing this post. Neither of the two live streams worked (IPL Cricket and Wild Africa) and instead linked to the respective Youtube channel for these pages, which only had pre-recorded videos on it.

If YouTube is aiming to build off its successful video-on-demand platform with live streaming television, it has a far way to go before it can begin to compete with many of the varied live stream providers. Moreover, it appears that YouTube Live may only be available to certain publishers currently as a means to prevent the copyright infringement that seems to plague sites like Justin TV. How YouTube Live will progress and remain profitable for Google remains to be seen.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alarming Increase in Number of YouTube Publishers Disabling Video Embeds

Publishers target youtube video embeds
YouTube launched as a platform built upon viral sharing of content, which skyrocketed in popularity by the inclusion of an embed feature that allowed users to post video content on their own sites. Up until this point, videos had largely been quite expensive to host and deliver to consumers - with most sites protecting their videos through anti-hotlinking scripts and technology.

Enter YouTube, allowing users to not only post their content on the site but to also allow others to share it. Publishers flocked to the site, especially major publications, to help disseminate and spread their content. Others used it as marketing channel, even going so far as to allow others to share ads and clips for their latest content. Well it appears that much is changing, with more publishers opting to disable video embedding.

The growing number of publishers includes major political sites (Fora), educational channels (Discovery Channel and Animal Planet) and large news wires (AP News).

Profit is likely the reason that most are pushing towards disabling sharing of their content outside of YouTube. There's more to be made by having users funnel to YouTube and view the ads (of which the publisher receives nearly a 60-70% commission through Adsense for YouTube). Additionally, video embedding means that your content can appear anywhere - both a pro and con. For the stodgy publisher, who is most comfortable with traditional media channels, video embeds might be viewed as threatening since the user has more control over the content and the profit that can be made by promoting it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watching TV For Free

Free Tube TV is a completely free alternative to cable or satellite television and lets you watch TV online in your browser. Online TV channels are indexed in 8 menus so you can watch TV by category where there are 300 selected online TV channels indexed into more than 14 categories and also sorted by geographic country location, with over 3000 online TV channels broadcasting from across 147 national regions. To watch TV online choose a channel from the desired category menu and watch the TV channel free.

Enjoy the Internet TV revolution all for free!

Don't forget to tell your friends and others where they can watch TV online for free!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digg Repository is Back!

Hooray, nearly 3 years later and Digg Repository is back!

Our blogspot domain was taken over by a malicious hacker, but we finally managed to get it back for whatever reason (no thanks to BlogSpot "Community Support Forum"). Alas, much has changed including Digg dying a slow and ever-present death on the web.

Also it seems Kevin Rose resigned his position on Digg and is now distancing himself from the project as well. Regardless, we'll continue to blog about the ups and downs and highlights we find on stay tuned!